Security Features of Hotmail Sign in and Sign up


Hotmail actually changed a lot from its first or original offerings through the passage of time where it got better and better. By the moment that it was known as Windows Live Hotmail as this comes under the live product website. When you want to sign-in to hotmail, you need to go to a particular website. When you enter hotmail even when you come to the same page, it is in fact all about the user preference.

A page is going to be opened, which is the sign-up page for new accounts and also the page to where existing users could log in. when you are a user of hotmail and uses its services for free, you will be given with a 5GB space and also the improvised security with the spam filters. Hotmail sign up pages have a simple interface that is fast and also easy to load. There are also no flashy banners for the ease of users.

When the Windows Live Hotmail homepage is then opened, you will see two sections. The left section would be for new users and the right one is for to sign in to Hotmail. This will simply ask for your email ID together with the password you want. When the user will give the correct ID and password at once, you will then be logged in. you will then be able to view your emails, send emails and all of it. If you have given an incorrect information a screen message is going to display that says that you provided an incorrect email ID or password.

Under these two fields would be the link of the Forgot Password and also several checks like remember my password and remember me and that the user could click both of the checks at the same time or anyone based to your preference.

It is actually recommended highly to keep your email address private. Hotmail will actually allow you in creating an alias within your account. Any unwanted emails which are sent to your alias ID is going to be stored in a separate folder to which you have designated. An advantage of using an alias is that others will not be able to know your real email address, which in fact is very useful for privacy purposes.

Also take note on the importance of not turning off the firewall. This is essential in order to protect your computer from all malicious objects. Turning it off is going to increase the risk of attacks. These actually are some of the new and enhanced security features of Hotmail sign up and sign-in. You may view website for help.