What You Need To Know About Hotmail Sign In


The moment that you will have a Hotmail account, then you can have the choice to keep your account logged in or make it require a password or an email address every time you will check it. It is when the user will sign in for the first time that they will be given a Hotmail sign in page. It is on the right side of the screen where you will see the textbox, button, and the checkbox while the left-hand corner will provide you with the information that you need so that you will be able to sign up.

 A Windows Live ID is what you will get when you sign in and will require the email address that you have to enter. The next page after this one will ask for your password so that you will be able to access your account. The moment that you are finished with this page, you will then be given an option if you would want to make the page remember the email that you have given every time you will sign in. it is when they will approve this request that the computer will then create a cookie that will be the one to store the email address as this homepage shows, that they have provided.  You have to know though that the system will remember your very own account if you will be using the same unit or browser.

It is also the system that will also give you an option if you want it to remember the password that you have given. The moment that you will approve this request then every time that you will log in, it will automatically take you to the email that you have without the need to place the password. It is also important that you will also let the system remember the email that you have so that it will also be able to do this function with the password.

Another thing that the system provides that is adequate for most clients is that it will provide users with a default security settings.  In order to be sure that the settings that you have when it comes to the security is in place, then you can check this feature out.  In order to increase the security level of your account, you will have to click the use enhanced security link .  Once this happens, there will be an encrypted page in which the users will be able to log in.